New Idea – not just a magazine to me.

I’m all about the new idea.
The other night, Suzanna and I were talking about the fact that I always seem to have these great ideas about things to do. I’ll start a business, I’ll learn French, I’ll lose weight, I’ll take some marketing papers through Uni… etc… etc… ad nauseum.
I suppose having new challenges and goals is a good thing – my problem is, I seem to have an awful lot of them that never seem to eventuate. This has been my frustration for a good many years now and I’m foolish to think I have it licked just yet.
Nearer the beginning of this year, I really started to become annoyed with my inability to stick to any kind of nutritional or weight-reduction goal. In April Suzanna suggested I enrol somewhere that may assist me in accountability. So, with some initial reluctance, I headed along and registered with Weight Watchers. Had it not been for my good neighbour who joined me, I may have bolted within minutes of getting inside the door. There wasn’t a male in sight!!
I’m nearing the end of week 14 now and whilst I haven’t maintained my goal of losing a kilo each week, I am walking easier at 7.3 kilos less than before – and, over 13 kilos less than on my wedding day in November 2004. This new idea is sticking!

So, on the back of some success with Weight Watchers, I am now embarking on what I feel is a pretty exciting wee journey. I’m starting this blog. And I am determined it will stick.
My motivation for doing this lies in the increasing number of episodes when I feel the need to record my thoughts… my new ideas. Something about ‘writing’ them down will help me to take them a bit more seriously I think. Being full of new ideas and no action is beginning to drive me up the wall. (And I know it doesn’t sit well with Suzanna either!)

So New Ideas are fine… so long as I follow them through.

New idea number 1. Filter ALL my ideas before sharing them with Suzanna!
New idea number 2. The bible was meant to be read. Often.
New idea number 3. God wants me to talk to Him. Often.

One of the funniest movies to come out of Australasia is “The Castle”. And just like Dale Kerrigan’s brother, I am an ideas man. Only from now on, I intend to have fewer ideas but a lot more action.


2 thoughts on “New Idea – not just a magazine to me.

  1. Weightwatchers is good. I have been at it since I had my son Kiefer (Marts’ godson) and to date have lost nearly 2 stone, sorry mate I don’t do kilos! Congratulations on the blog too, I might persuade my husband Gary to read yours cos then it might kick him up the butt too!Thanks for sharingAmanda

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