The Long Dark Friday of the Soul

Usually, I like Fridays. They tend to be nice and predictable – approached with a little less urgency than the preceeding 4 days of the week and generally quite enjoyable on the whole. It does me well to recall such Fridays now.

Today is not such a Friday.
Without going into too much detail, I will be not-so-secretly pleased when, in 10 minutes time, I close (probably slam) the door to my office and turn my back on this circus for a few days.
It has been like working on White Island today. Every few minutes someone, somewhere has let off a shot of steam (in my direction) and I have been waiting all day for someone to finally lose their lollies!! Hasn’t happened, thankfully.

But – I have survived. Where I could easily have justified having a wee eruption of my own, I have managed to keep the lid on.

“Come to Me, you who are weak and heavy laden; and I will give you rest.”

Although it pours rain outside and I am certain to be almost drowned getting to the car, there is a hot shower, a warm dry house and a comfortable bed waiting for me when I get home.

For simple things Lord – thank you.


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