Boy am I ever grateful for grace!

I’m currently attempting to read the Bible in a year and have so far read all of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Matthew – as well as the first 25 chapters of Psalms, and 13 chapters of Acts. I’m actually really enjoying it… but having just today completed Leviticus, I’m filled with elation – for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve finished it! And secondly, God elected to send His Son to stand in as my sacrificial atonement and I don’t need to run off and see Aaron the High Priest whenever I’ve been naughty!

I don’t want to make light of this though, as it is a very sobering reality. It’s just that I can’t help but feel quite relieved that I don’t have to work out which part of which animal I should sacrifice on which end (or side) of which offering table in which part of the tabernacle; whether the animal should be burnt or just dissected; whether the blood should be drained completely or sprinkled liberally at the temple gate; whether the fat surrounding the organs should be included; whether or not I can eat said animal once I’m finished, and if so, whether I have to eat it all immediately, or can save some for tomorrow.

And am I then ceremonially unclean until evening? And if so, when does evening officially begin? What is that exact time when we bid farewell to afternoon, and embrace evening?

27 chapters of Leviticus I read. I should be careful not to blaspheme here, but I can’t help thinking Leviticus was included in the final draft of the Bible to prove that God in fact DOES have a sense of humour.

Suffice to say, and seriously here… I am genuinely grateful for grace. Not just because I’m absolved from having to carry out complicated atonement rituals, but because if reading Leviticus has had one positive impact on me, it is to remind me of the gravity of my sin and the need to make things right with God. The fact that I am redeemed and pardoned through the blood of the ultimate Sacrificial Lamb; once and for all, this blows me away.

Leviticus will remain one of the great insomniac bedtime stories, but I’m grateful for the reminder of just how much I need grace.


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