The Master Artist

I’m at a loss to see how evolutionist theory can attribute the beautiful world around us to an accident, or some sort of explosion.

Our earth is an extraordinary work of art; painted and sculptured
by an unceasingly imaginitive Creator.

Martin and I spent 3 days walking, climbing, kayaking, and relaxing in a sort-of transfixed state – around every corner was another postcard, over every hill was another awe-inspiring vista.

The great artists of the human realm, such as Picasso, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and Renoir, created pieces that command enormous sums of money. I wonder how many of their wealthy followers truly appreciate the incredible art gallery we live in, where every piece is free!

My God created all of this – just try to convince me otherwise.


2 thoughts on “The Master Artist

  1. Precisely. With images like these, how can this be an accident? How can this splendid beauty have happened without an intelligent design and an intelligent designer, all for the purpose of showing us just how darn much he LOVES us!

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