The Great Fall

The following is my attempt to put Genesis 2:25 – 3:24 into poetic verse, for my third and final Genesis assignment.  The goal was to retell the story creatively, in a way that did not deviate significantly from the text, but emphasised key features of the narrative illuminated by my exegetical study.

Some of the rhyming is a bit forced, and you need to force the rhythm a wee bit at times, but I tried to avoid that as much as possible.  It’s probably better to listen to this than read it, but I couldn’t work out how to upload a WMA file!

Happy reading!

The Great Fall

They lived in earthly paradise; the first man and his bride

They both were naked, yet they felt no shame, no need to hide

Of all the creatures God had made, most crafty was the snake

He questioned “Did God say of no trees’ fruit may you partake?”

The woman then corrected him, and said “We are permitted”

“To eat the fruit of all the trees, the middle one omitted.”

“God said we could not eat of that, nor touch it or we’ll be dead”

“No that’s not right, you will not die” the serpent said

God knows your eyes will open wide, the moment that you eat

And knowing good and evil, you will both become like He.”

When woman looked she saw that this tree’s fruit was good for food

Twas pleasing to the eye, and also good to make her shrewd

She took it in her hands and raised it to her mouth to taste

She gave some to her husband too, who stood there at her waist

Like her he ate, and as they did, the realisation came

Their eyes were opened, suddenly they both felt naked shame

They sewed together fig leaves, their nakedness was now obscured

The man and wife then heard the sound, the sound of God the Lord

As He was walking through His garden, in the cool of day

And so at once, among the trees, they hid themselves away

“Where are you?” called the Lord God, to which the man replied

“I heard you and I was afraid, was naked and chose to hide.”

And God replied, and questioned man, “Who told you this was so?”

“Have you eaten from the tree, of which I told you ‘No’?”

The man then said to God, “The woman you put here with me”

“She gave me fruit, of which I ate; the fruit from the tree”

“What is this that you have done?” the Lord God asked man’s mate

To which the woman said, “The snake deceived me, and I ate.”

So the Lord God said unto the snake, “Because of what you’ve done”

“You’re cursed above all livestock, all wild beasts under the sun”

“You’ll crawl upon your belly, and eat dust for all your life”

“Between you and the woman I’ll put enmity and strife”

“Her offspring from now on will crush your head, you’ll strike his heel.”

And to the woman, God said, “It is anguish that you’ll feel.”

“When bearing child; then you’ll give birth, in painful labour too”

“You will wish for children, but your husband will rule over you.”

Then to Adam he said, “Since you thought your wife so wise

“And ate the fruit she gave you from the tree, about which I advised

“You shan’t eat of it.” then cursed is the ground because of you

For all your days, through anguished toil, you will eat its food

Weeds like thorns and thistles, this is what the ground will yield

And for your food, you will eat the plants of the field

By sweat of brow you’ll eat your food, ‘til you return to earth

You are dust, so to dust you’ll return; for from it you were birthed

Since Adam’s wife would be the mother of the living, he called her Eve

The Lord God fashioned garments of skin, and clothing they received

The Lord God said, “Like one of us, has now become mankind”

“And so he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and find”

“The tree of life, which if he ate, would give them eternal lifespan”

So the Lord God banished him from the garden, to work the ground; the source of man

After He drove the man out of the garden, at its eastern side placed He

Cherubim, and a flaming sword flashing, back and forth to guard the way to life’s tree


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